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With this informative website I foresee Raising Incomes of Small and Medium Farmers Project (RISMFP) reaching those agriprenuers who aspire to embark on new agribusiness by receiving the agribusiness grant facility from the project in project districts. I visualize the project to be a border-less development institution offering small, marginal, indigenous, deprived and disadvantaged farmers a prosperity through increased household incomes from assured market of HVCs produced by them in the project area. I am extremely honored to be the Project Director of RISMFP. The Project aims at increasing the household level income of small and medium farmers of the project area by supporting them in producing HVCs along with the assured post harvest/market facilities and accessing value chain integration. About 17800 farm households will grow 7500 Ha of HVCs and produce 64500 tonnes of HVC worthing around 31 million USD during the project period (2017) with 60% participation of women on the project. Despite the remoteness of the project districts, there had been contineous efforts of implementing partners and the stakeholders to whom I would like to respect and seek for the further sopports and suggestions. We are determined to make the project a success, and expect necessary support from all the agencies and persons from public, private and civil societies. Please visit us anytime to learn more about our programs/activities, and provide feedback with new strategies to best serve our farming community. We are always looking for new ideas and look forward to serve the farmers.

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The project will reduce the market and business risks faced by small and medium farmers diversifying into high value commodities in 10 districts of the Mid-West (MWDR) and Far-West (FWDR) Development Regions of Nepal. These two regions have the lowest human development indices within Nepal due to limited investment in access to services, physical, social and economic infrastructure. Poverty incidence is, on the average, high for both regions; within regions, the hill areas suffer higher rates of poverty where up to 70% of households fall below the poverty line. Small farmer incomes are limited by (i) low returns from traditional agricultural commodities, (ii) small and declining farm sizes with low productivity, and (iii) a supply-driven production system that has not captured potential market benefits for high value commodities (HVC). The project will assist small and medium sized farmers to diversify into HVC by establishing market linkages; providing capital for inputs and improved technology; and for building post harvest value chain infrastructure including storage, packaging, grading, and processing. Project grants will be provided to (i) small and medium farmers that are members of existing farmer groups or cooperatives with established market supply agreements for initial inputs and farm technology, and (ii) post harvest enterprises for the development of value chain infrastructure to support the market supply agreements. The Project will outsource service delivery to nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and the private sector for farmer mobilization, training, production, and business planning and for feasibility studies to access project funding.

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Contract Award Information Notice

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आ ब २०७५।७६ को फागून महिनाको प्रगति

By : आ ब २०७५।७६ को फागून महिनाको प्रगति

आ ब २०७५।७६ को माघ महिनाको प्रगति

By : आ ब २०७५।७६ को माघ महिनाको प्रगति